The Downsides Of Being A Celebrity

January 6th, 2014

Some of us or probably most of us, had, at some point in our lives, dreamt of being a celebrity. Most of the people who wanted to and had dreamt of or are still dreaming about becoming a celebrity might include in their list of reasons why they want to, the money you can earn, the fame, the glamorous life, and so on. But what we have envisioned of the celebrity life as glamorous and flamboyant may sometimes not come true and probably most of the time may not even be real at all. Like all other things, there are still the downsides in being a celebrity.

004 celebrity life

One, money does not flow easily like a waterfall in the showbiz industry. One might think that most celebrities are rich but actually they are like most people who are also working their asses off. They also have to work hard in order to get the pay that they deserve. They also have to keep up with their busy schedules that there are even some celebrities who, most of the time, may not even get enough sleep at all.

Two, being under the limelight does not last forever. You may be famous now, but at some point the spotlight will change its direction and the light will be then pointed to some other people. Being a celebrity will also mean trying hard to maintain the popularity that you are in. If you are a singer, your song might be a hit of today, but tomorrow, it might change. Some people might remember you, some may not. You can probably stay under the limelight for a long period of time but you cannot stay there forever. Like most people say and like in the song of maroon 5, nothing lasts forever.

Three, you have to always look good. The camera is pointing at your direction again, you have to look good. You are going somewhere outside the comforts of your home, you have to look good. Because being a celebrity means being under a big limelight, people will always or most of the time will notice you. Some might critic you, judge you or they might also compliment and adore you. Either way, people will always have something to say about you.  That is why you always have to be at your best. And sometimes, it can be pretty hard too.

And four, privacy. Most celebrities or probably all people under the limelight usually do not have any privacy anymore. One look at the right, cameras are clicking. Turn your head to the left and people are watching every move you make. It can be pretty hard to live a normal life if you are a celebrity.

When you wanted to be a celebrity one must always take into consideration not only the good side but also the downsides of being one. Just because you are famous does not mean that you will only reap good benefits. When entering the showbiz industry, one must be prepared for all the downsides of being a celebrity.

3 Reasons Why Entertainers Must Eat Healthy

November 2nd, 2013

Laura Croft Hosts the "Night School 4 Girls" Grand Opening at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas on October 7, 2011For most of us, we look at our favorite TV entertainers as larger than life. We think of them as people who have more of almost everything. Some even treat them as if they are perfect. However, we should know that they are not as perfect as they seem on TV. They have to do certain activities to keep up their images. One of these activities is to eat healthy. Eating healthy as an entertainer is a must since entertainers live in a busy, tiring and fast-paced world. It is very important that they have a healthy diet in order for them to be at their best at all times. If you are wondering why it is crucial for entertainers to eat healthy, the following are some reasons that may answer your question.


1. To Sustain Their Energy

You must know that entertainers’ primary task is to entertain people and they have to have tons of energy in order to do that. Also, most of time, their daily schedule are crammed with vigorous activities. That is why they must eat foods that can give them energy all throughout the day. It would be good for them to have the right amount of carbohydrates and fats for every meal because these nutrients supply energy to the body.


2. To Look Good

One of the reasons why we watch them is because they look good all the time. They have fit and slim bodies that we are aspiring to have. They achieved this appearance because they choose to eat healthy foods. Eating protein rich foods gives them shiny hairs and clearer and smoother skin. One kind of food which has high-protein content is fish such as mackerel and salmon. There are also other kinds of meat and dairy products for them to get the protein they need.


3. To Stay Healthy

Eating healthy as an entertainer is needed to stay healthy. They need to stay healthy because as much as possible, they cannot afford to be sick. Their schedules are full and if they get sick, they have to miss multiple appointments. This means that huge amounts of money are lost and time and effort of some people are wasted. That is why most entertainers hire dietitians who will help them in eating the right kind and amounts of food every day so that they will avoid getting sick.

These are the three reasons why eating healthy is important. Entertainers live in a world where most people look up to them as role models and eating healthy is one way of teaching people to live a healthy life.

3 Steps To Becoming A Good Entertainer

October 17th, 2013

077 how to become and entertainerBeing in the entertainment industry has become one of the most profitable careers at present. Many professional entertainers have different kinds of talents and skills to wow the audience. But even so, they still practice a lot in order to further improve and develop the gifts that they have at present. And in order to survive the competitive industry in the top entertainment places like London, Las Vegas or New York City, you must be at the top of your game.

If you are one of those people who are aspiring to be one, here are some tips on how to become an entertainer.


Know and Master Your Craft.

There are various kinds of professional entertainers that you can see everywhere. They typically come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Examples of these are magicians, singers, comedians, athletes, actors, circus performers and musicians.

You have to understand the old saying that it is better to master one craft than to be a Jack of All Trades and a master of none. But of course, it pays to have some other skills and talents on the side. If you are planning to be a professional entertainer, know the physical and personal requirements for the job. You can also opt to take a training or an education specializing on your chosen craft.


Understand How To Captivate The Audience.

A good entertainer knows how to elicit his or her expected reactions from the audience. You want them to be captivated and interested with your own craft. You can only do this once you’ve understand how human nature works. See and understand the things that make them tick and start from there. You have to acquire a strong stage presence and charisma to attract your audience to your performance. If you are planning to be a comedian, then you should know the kinds of jokes that can make them laugh. Or if you want to be a musician, you should be able to muster and convey the feelings and emotions embedded in the song to your audience.



Practice makes perfect. And if this is not enough reason for you to go out there and perform, then here’s another. Performing in front of an actual audience gives you the exposure that you need before you get off to a bigger stage. Expand your fan base and promote yourself to the people See how they react and learn from these experiences. It can also be through this, that you attract agents to represent you to establishments that cater to entertainers. Musicians, comedians, and actors typically go to malls, night clubs, or theme parks to perform.

3 Top Cities You Don’t Want To Miss When Looking For Entertainment

October 1st, 2013

After countless days of getting stressed out and pressured for work, many people are in the look for  means on how to relieve the tension from their back and enjoy living life for a change. And it is during these times that they turn their way towards finding means and kinds of entertainment.

033 top cities for entertainment

Entertainment can take a lot of forms. It can be through parties, concerts, plays, theme parks, beach hopping or even the combination of all these varieties. And if you are looking for the things mentioned above, then this article can provide you the information that you need about the top cities for entertainment. Read below and see which cities around the world have made it to our top-three list of cities that offer the best forms of entertainment.


Las Vegas, Nevada

This famous city in the US state of Nevada is not only known for being the most populous city there but also because of its reputation as the centre for nightlife entertainment, gambling, shopping and fine dining. Las Vegas, hailing itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World, you will be dazzled by its outstanding hotels and casinos along the Las Vegas Strip.


Sydney, Australia

If you’re looking for a more laid-back, relaxing kind of entertainment then Sydney, Australia may be the right place for you. You will surely enjoy the white sand beaches along the shoreline of Sydney and the MAX Theater which sports the biggest movie screen you’ll ever get to see in the whole world.

Sydney, Australia also sports many outdoor festivals and other events all throughout the year. And if you’re one of those who are adventurous and explorative when it comes to these kinds of experiences, you will surely enjoy Sydney.


London, United Kingdom

The capital city of United Kingdom is known for its cultural forms of entertainment. Every year, London sports some of the most colorful fairs and festivals in the world like the Notting Hill Carnival and Carnaval Del Pueblo.

If you are looking for a nightlife entertainment, you will not also get disappointed with London’s fancy nightclubs like Soho, West End and Shoreditch. These bars feature the best DJs, cocktail drinks and party people around.

Aside from these three, there are still a lot of cities worth visiting if it’s fun and enjoyment you’re after, Bangkok in Thailand, New York City and Barcelona in Spain are also included in the list of top cities on entertainment.

How To Entertain Yourself While Exercising

September 9th, 2013

095 how to be entertained which exercisingDo you believe that exercise can also be boring? Yes it can especially if you are doing the same routine every day. But exercise should not be boring because it gives you good results. And exercise should not be boring because if you get bored, you will lose interest and you might not continue. But how to be entertained which exercising program would be best for you? There are actually a lot of ways to be entertained while you are doing your exercise. Let me tell you some of the best ways to entertain yourself while you are doing your exercise.

There are many ways to entertain yourself while doing exercise and you just need to find what best suits for you. One is you can listen to music. Listening to music I guess is one of the most effective ways to get yourself entertained while you are doing your exercise. Listening to music could give you that drive to do more. It also gives you that drive to move your body especially if you are listening to loud music and music with a beat. We all have our own genre of music that we love to listen to and it makes us feel better every time we listen to that music. Second, try working out with friends. If you workout as a group it will more fun and exciting. There will be no dull moment because you will have someone to talk to and to share with your experience. Avoid working out alone if you are easily bored. If you have your friends with you, you can even think of things that can make your exercise more fun. Third, if you are working out at home, you can turn on the TV while you are doing your workout like you can watch your favorite TV shows while you are doing your treadmill.

Lastly, just simply enjoy your workout. Think about the outcome of all your efforts and time that you are spending with your workout. If you don’t enjoy your workout, it will be hard time to get up of your bed and go to the gym. Workout also requires self-discipline. You need set your mind and your body with the workout that you are doing. So, when you are doing your workout, just have fun, enjoy every moment and enjoy the effects on your body. Go face the mirror and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

My Top Lists Of Top Movies Of 2013

August 9th, 2013

111 top movies of 2013Are you fond of watching movies? What type of movies do you like to watch? What type of movies did you watch this year? This year I guess is one of the best years because there are so many interesting and great movies shown in theatres. You might have your own lists of top movies of 2013 that you have watch. Why do you think that many people are looking forward for these great movies? What can these movies affect our life? We all know that movies are made for entertainment and also sending message to the viewers. Movies are inspired by different factors. For example; movies can be inspired with true to life stories; it can also be base or inspired by fiction; it can also be inspired by the future; and it can also be inspired with family values. Whatever the movie was inspired to it doesn’t matter as long as it gives that satisfying and rewarding feeling to the viewers.

But watching movies can be a great way to kill boredom, bond with friends and family, and learning some life values. Now, let me share to you my top movies of 2013 and they are: Iron Man 3. Thor, Despicable Me 2, Man of Steel, Monster University, Fast & Furious 6, Oz The Great and Powerful, World War Z, The Croods, The Heat, The Conjuring, Grown Ups 2, The Wolverine, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Now You See Me, The Hangover Part III, Epic, The Lone Ranger, The Smurf 2, Jack the Giant Slayer, Hansel and Gretel’s: Witch Hunters, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, 21 & Over, and so on… Aside from what was mentioned, there are more great movies of 2013 that you can still watch and the good news is, there are more great movies that are coming soon in theatres.

So, if you want to know what they are, you can see it on the “next picture” and “coming soon” area that are posted in theatre movies. Through this, viewers may know what would be the next movie to be shown. In most theatres, movies usually last for a week and if the movie hits the market, it will be extended for another week or two so that other people could still watch the movie because we all know that the seats in movie theatres are limited that why it can’t accommodate all the people who wants to watch. So, the more they extend the movie, the more people can watch it.

Looking For The Best Entertainment That Would Kill Your Boredom

June 20th, 2013

One of the moments that most people hate is those moments that they have nothing to do and they get bored. Boredom can really be annoying and sometimes can affect your mood. But to be bored is a choice. The only time you’ll get bored if you are not enjoying the things that are going around you. The most common definition of boredom is an emotional state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do and not interested in their surroundings. That’s why boredom can actually happen anywhere and if you are in a party. However, the good thing is there are so many things that an individual can do to entertain themselves. Here are the most common factors that can actually kill the boredom.

140 entertainment


The most common thing that people do to kill their boredom is listening to their favorite music. Music has been a great tool when it comes to entertainment and many people have actually benefited from it and have found solution to their boredom. Music involves a wide array of options aside from listening. You can also learn how to sing, learn how to play instruments, and even learn how to play with music like a DJ. There are so many things that you can actually do in the world of music that will surely entertain you and kill your boredom.



If you are into music, then sports might be your thing. Many people also find entertainment with sports especially if they are playing with their friends like basketball, water sports, indoor and outdoor sports, and etc. I’m pretty sure that whatever sports you are engaged to, I know that you are enjoying every moment of it especially if you are improving with your skills.


Video Games

Next will be video games, which is very popular nowadays especially with teenagers. Teenagers are the group of people who easily get bored. Teens always some actions where they can enjoy like hanging out with friends, going to party, road trip, and doing stupid stuff. But because of the availability of video games, most kids nowadays prefer to stay at home and play with their video games together with their friends or siblings.



In case you are into those three that was mentioned above, you can always entertain yourself by watching your favorite local or Hollywood movies.

Aside from these four great factors for your entertainment, there are more things that is fun to do that will help you kill the boredom.

Enjoy The Great Celebrity Life

May 29th, 2013

040 celebrity lifeHow do we enjoy the life of a celebrity? Well, there are many ways and the best is regarding how we see ourselves. This can mean that we would be able to go for a personal development on our part. It is because living this kind of life is not exactly easy because there are many people who would like to see to it that you are capable of when it comes to being positive. It requires you to be strong and calm. You should also be collected. That way, you can see for yourself that you have what it takes to live this kind of life.

A lot of us have insecurities and we deal with a lot of fear from time to time but the point is to stick it out. To be strong because it is the only choice we have when we are faced with adversity. Being a celebrity is equivalent to how we carry ourselves and most just ignore the negative things and turn negative thoughts to positive ones. That way, one will definitely survive in any adversity that goes their way. They will also know how to deal with these things and they will know that being scared is an opportunity to be courageous. Sometimes, we overlook that fact. We let our fears guide us and we end up hurt but that can definitely change.

When we see someone who is confident among themselves and they know how to deal with negative vibes, then you can be sure that you are going to be successful. It is because your attitude is something that you know you can deal with. Sometimes, we have the power to be better than we were yesterday. The important thing is we acknowledge that and keep moving forward. I believe that is what a lot of celebrities do. They know that they are in the public eye but they know that they are just humans too.

They deal with their own issues and keep their head high. They understand that people being on their business is part of the life that they chose but they remain honest with themselves and surround themselves with positive people. Remember that you can do this for yourself too. You do not need to be scared or anything. You just need to have faith that you can do this. It is a part of your life and future success.

How To Become An Entertainer

February 25th, 2013

Have you ever dreamed about having your name in lights?  If so, then you will be very happy to know that there are a number of things that you can do to become an entertainer. Below are some tips that will show you how to become and entertainer:

Start Off Small

If you were to have a conversation with several celebrities, then you would quickly find out that success does not happen overnight for most people. Most people work hard for years before they get their big break. That is why you should not be afraid to start off small.

For example, you are interested in becoming a singer. You can start off by singing in talent shows and your church choir. If you are interested in having a career in acting, then you can start off by auditioning for plays. You never know who may be watching you. There could be someone in the audience who can help you get your big break.


Work On Your Physical Appearance

Looks are very important in the entertainment industry. Attractive people usually have an easier time breaking into the entertainment industry. They also have more success. While you are waiting for your big break, you should take some time to improve your appearance. Start by going on a diet, perhaps one from  However, improving your appearance does not mean that you have to go out and get plastic surgery. There are a number of simple things that you can do to improve your appearance, such as changing up your wardrobe.

Do Not Give Up

The road to stardom is one that is very difficult. You will get frustrated, and you will hear a lot more no’s than yes’s.  However, you should not let that deter you from reaching your goal. If you keep knocking on doors, then your chances of getting success will be much greater.

Top Cities For Entertainment

February 18th, 2013

1You can find entertainment in pretty much any city. However,  there are some cities that are far better for entertainment than others. Below are some of the top cities for entertainment:


London is known for its music, theater and comedy. You can see a live show any day of the week in London. Additionally, there are a number of musical artists who regularly perform in London.  The great thing about London is that you can enjoy good entertainment without breaking your budget.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as sin city. However, you can have a lot of fun in Las Vegas without committing any sin. There are live shows in this city every day and night. Las Vegas is also a popular place for couples to get hitched. Casinos are another place that Vegas goers frequently visit. The only bad thing about this city is that you will have to spend a pretty penny if you want to see a show. That is why you may want to save up a little bit of money before you visit Las Vegas.


If you love amusement parks, then you should definitely visit Orlando. Orlando has several amusement parks, so you are sure to find one that you like. The water parks are one of the most popular attractions in this city. Orlando’s amusement parks are quite pricey, but if you purchase your tickets in advance, then you will be able to save money. You can also save money by combining park tickets instead of purchasing each one separately.


Sydney is another great choice if you are looking for cheap entertainment. There are free outdoor events that go on year around, and they are open to the public. You can also visit a nightclub or take a relaxing walk on the beach.

Eating Healthy As An Entertainer Is A Necessity

January 8th, 2013

If you are an entertainer, you know how important it is to eat healthy every day. If you do not watch what you eat, you are not going to be able to perform and your fans will quickly find someone else to admire. It is very important for you to take good care of your body through diet and exercise. It is important to stay away from fattening foods as much as possible. You may think that you are going to burn off the excess fat while you are entertaining. However, these foods are going to make you tired. It is best to avoid them if at all possible.

Eating healthy as an entertainer is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself. You should always avoid fast food if possible. If you do go to a fast food restaurant, you may w4ant to get a salad. Make sure that this salad has some meat so that you are getting some protein. Protein is going to give you the energy that you need to get through your day. Many entertainers get their protein from chicken or turkey and even fish. Others prefer to get protein from eggs.

Many people think that entertainers starve themselves. However, this is definitely not the case. If they are not eating properly, they are going to end up passing out. This would not be a very good source of entertainment. Entertainers usually work closely with a dietitian so that they are getting the nutrients they need to make it through the day. Drinking water is a necessity. If you are not drinking enough water, you are going to have a stomach ache which is not going to be very entertaining. Your body will tell you when you are not eating healthy. Listen to what it is telling you to do.

Four Ways To Stay Entertained While Exercising

January 4th, 2013

3Spending time on the treadmill or working out in the local gym doesn’t have to be boring. With technology, it’s easy to catch up on the news, listen or watch your favorite television program or spend time connecting with the latest news stories.

If you are wondering how to be entertained which exercising, here are four things you might want to consider:

Choose a Gym with Televisions Attached to the Workout Machines
Choosing a gym that has televisions attached to the treadmills and other machines can allow you to catch up on your favorite television show. Pick a couple of television shows weekly and head to the gym in time to watch the television show, creating an easy to stick to workout routine.

Bring an iPad
Bringing an iPad helps you to check emails, browse the web and read magazines and books while you are working out at the gym. With so many browsing and entertainment capabilities, you won’t be bored.

Find a Podcast
Finding something to listen to that’s entertaining at the gym can be as simple as searching through the directories and listings of podcasts. Browsing through the podcasts, you are sure to find something that captures your attention, whether you are looking for parenting podcasts or video games. With new updates every week and extended podcasts, it’s easy to have enough material throughout the entire week of workouts.

Get a Friend
Staying entertained while working out at the gym is easy with technology but you know what is even easier?  Going on a diet with a friend is equally helpful, and motivating.  You can find a great community of people over at weight loss punch. Working out with a friend. Working out with a friend gives you someone to talk to and comes with the added bonus of having someone to motivate you. On those days when you just don’t feel like heading to the gym, the friend can push you in the right direction.